Tocker Foundation Grant Sends Books Across Texas

A grant from the Tocker Foundation has made it possible to send collections of books to 20 libraries across the state of Texas. There were forty three different titles chosen to supply sets of about thirteen books to each of the twenty libraries. A total of 278 books were sent out! A huge thank you […]

Tree of Life Books Donates to Alpine Montessori School

I graduated from college in a small town in west Texas a number of years back. I recently read on the cities social media page that a local Montessori school had lost some books from  a faucet that had been left on. The photo showed upturned books trying to dry them out. I looked closely […]

LCRA Employees United Charities Project

Thanks to a donation by the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Employees United Charities program, we have been able to get 10 collections of seven different books on the Holocaust to 10 high school libraries across the state. These Libraries received the following seven books: The Holocaust Conspiracy Tomorrow Will Be Better Gated Grief The Four […]

Non Profit Status

As of February 7th, we are officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! We have been eager to hear this news!

Austin Public Libraries Holocaust Book Project

March 15th, I delivered 21 sets of the 5 Holocaust books to the Austin Public Library. I also gave them a copy of the prop up poster that we made. That way the books do not just get shelved away and no one knows about them. Now the libraries each have a display that they […]

San Antonio Holocaust Museum

I recently got back from a visit to the Holocaust Museum in San Antonio, Texas. My goal was to introduce to them the books that we are currently working on getting into the Austin Public Library System. I found out they are very active with kids and they have a few Holocaust survivors that give […]